Friday, October 20, 2006

Book-Club, hopefully you see this today!!

My car broke down and I had to have it towed today, I'm sitting in the auto-shop right now on their computer, I thought I was going to make it to class, but it looks like my ride is failing me. I wanted to email my book-club stuff so I could still participate . Thanks!
These three commandments he carried on the tradition of teaching the reader how to teach essentially. However, I feel like his examples are becoming more vibrant and pertaining to the material he is trying to teach more than usual. My favorite example was his training wheels and then he went onto discuss structure, but he continued using many examples like cell structure, for the science buffs, a personal stroy to the humane part of us and buildings and libraries. What I'm trying to say is his examples say something to every person because he uses so many. By using so many examples and stories to convey a point he is ulitmately speaking in avery unique way to each and every student. I really thought this was ingenius as a teaching method and it also appeals to my frequent ramblings. Also, atthe start of commandment 4 he uses a very unconventional ad hilarious way to exaplin the importance of punctuation. It made so much sense and was funny. I really wish I had a teacher in high school like him. I might've actually enjoyed school a little more! Basically, love the book, his teaching methods and the way he throws it down, absolutely brilliant!


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I got it! No problem! I hope your car is fixed soon.


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