Monday, October 16, 2006

Thoughts on the Code-switching article

I really did enjoy this article, I liked his technique of code-switching, a time and a place for the dialects they grew up with and a time and a place to be formal. However, I was thinking as teachers we have to be careful when teaching this message, we don't want to send the wrong signal. Students shouldn't feel like they need to be an outsider from their home-lives at school. I wonder in certain circumstances that this method of code-switching may create walls instead of bridges. As educators it is our responsiblity to ensure that even if our intentions may be good that it doesn't go the complete opposite direction.


Blogger Claire Gibson said...

I hadn't really thought of this article in the ways that you have expressed here but I think you bring up some really good questions. I think to a degree we should take responsibility if our actions don't go as planned but I also don't think that we should give up when our plans aren't followed through with the positive results that we had hoped for. This issue will come up in more areas than just code switching and its somethign that we will all have to be prepared for!

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Blogger chase said...

i really dont think that this would make our students feel like this. when i was talking to amanda johnson abou this topic we talked about how we would make this stratedgy work its best. we thought that if you started the first few weeks by letting all the students use "black english" or "latino english" in the classroom and have them not even worry about standard english, that would make them feel comfortable, respected for who they are, and it would make them feel enaged in the classroom. which i assume would be like most classrooms they are in. so then after those couple of weeks we think that ist he perfect time to teach them standard english and the3 benefits, and try to make the benefits pertinent to who they are as people and what would interest them. and then teach them how to code switch. we both thought that this would be a better way than to just address it the first day and try to make the students do something they dont want to.. i dont know, i think we might have just been brainstorming, but it seemed like a good idea to me.

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