Monday, October 16, 2006

Thoughts on Edutopia Article

That article really got me thinking. I don't think I realized technology has come this far. I'm very new to the whole-blogging thing and I guess I never sat down to really think about it. I mean, as a child I really didn't have access to the intenet and didn't have to be aware of it until a time when I could "think like an editor." Technology is changing and it is also forcing today's learner to evolve with it, constantly questioning, being critical, and knowledgeable enough to know whether or not you are recieving valuable information or if you are just getting shoveled a complete load of bull-shit. I did like to think that with technology we are forever learning and being the student, but we also need to arm our students with the power, knowledge and tools to effectively drive down this technology highway.


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