Monday, October 23, 2006

Thoughts on Language in an Urban Classroom

I feel the one thing that I was really left with this article was not only something we can try to teach as future educators but what we need to do as human beings. The main thing I'm left with after reading all these language articles is that every single person needs to get out of their comfortable bubble and start experiencing. These language barriers wouldn't be as big of a problem if as human-beings we leave our shit at the door and start listening to each other and really start to appreciate each and every person. To see the good of what each culture brings to the table, learn about it as we teach them about ourselves. Making these bridges instead of creating a world of uniformity. There is never any right way, every one has their own and it's smart, beautiful and special in it's way. If, as people, we see this, the good and uniqueness of each person, there would be no need for standard english. We could communicate as people where being "proper" means nothing. Just my thoughts. But this is an idealist talking, I hope it will happen but the realist inside me is skeptical.


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